YYZ Small Business Inc.
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About Us
After being a flooring installer and contractor for over ten years I decided it was time to take action to improve our environment in terms of post-consumer carpet. As of 2006, I am now affiliated with one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the United States, Shaw. Shaw, along with Carpet Recovery America Effort (CARE), are fostering market based solutions for recovering and reusing post-consumer carpet.  Inspired by their work, I decided to start my own reclamation facility from scratch with just the bare essentials of a carpet identifier and machinery. 

Since then, I have expanded my operations by placing disposal containers at some of WNY’s largest carpet retailer’s sites. I want my work to encourage installers to bring the post-consumer carpet to my containers for reclamation instead of adding to the waste in landfills. 

I am hoping that as participation increases, we will find valuable outputs for the post-consumer carpet.  My goal is to have as many retailers and existing businesses/schools in the WNY area to require that their post-consumer carpet be sent to my facility for reclamation. I can promise that all carpet I collect will be diverted from our already overfilled landfills and be put to environmentally-friendly use. 

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