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The Facts
Benefits to the Carpet Industry:
1. Helps minimize post-industrial waste

2. Helps control damage to environment

3. Promotes them as being ecological to a growing eco-consumer market.

Carpet waste accounts for an estimated 2% of all land filled waste. Although as a percentage this is not high; carpet has a high volume to weight. Carpet typically lasts for 7-10 years (residential) or 5-8 years (commercial) and can take up to two hundred and fifty thousand years to bio degrade. 

Carpet should have a lot going for it in terms of
recycling. It is currently one of the largest components of waste plastic being put into landfills. Right now, the government does not promote carpet as a recyclable material. Keep in mind that plastic was viewed in the same way just a few decades ago. While some companies have put forth admirable efforts to recycle or reclaim carpet waste, it has hardly made a dent in the millions and billions of carpet that is ultimately thrown into our landfills. 

With your participation, we can make a difference! Contact us now to get involved!
Above is a chart illustrating the current amount of carpet waste and the carpet industry's goal of waste reduction by the year 2012.
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