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What's Next?

It is important to realize that opportunities exist to gain value from waste carpet. Efforts are underway nationally to increase the options for recycling waste carpet, as well as using components to make new products using recycled content. The following are just some options that are currently being explored:

Concrete - Recycled fibers can be added to concrete and other applications to reduce micro-surface cracking and improve soundness. 

Asphalt - Types of reinforcement applications include control of fatigue cracking, product reinforcement and binder control in asphalt pavements.

Plastic - Recycled fibers can be used in the reinforcement of plastics, plastic lumber, glues and similar products.

Hydro-Seeding - This is a cost-effective way of locking fibers for use with mulch and tack blends and provides a strong reinforcement to seeding.


Landfill Cover - Recycled fibers can be used to cover a ditch drain or grate to assist in filtering the dirt and debris out of the storm water. It can also be used as an alternative liner for sand traps.

Septic System Liners - Recycled fibers can be wrapped around perforated pipes to eliminate the need for rock, sand or other fillers.


Pavement Filters - Recycled fibers can be used in filtration products to effectively prevent sediment, debris, and other pollutants from entering storm water systems.

Automotive Parts -Recycled carpet fibers can be used to make car parts that work just as well as anything we know now.


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